Maryland School Threatens Students Wearing Washington Redskins Gear

In a scene you might see in a movie like “Old School” or any other 90’s early 2000’s movie that portrays an overreaching, totalitarian principle, Green Acres Elementary School in North Bethesda, Maryland has threatened their students with expulsion if they wear any Washington Redskins gear. The Redskins have been fighting PC police for a while now and this is just the next escalation in a long pointless battle.  The schools superintendent sent an email to parents, notifying them of the banning of any clothing or gear with the name Redskins on it or anything with the teams logo on it. Firstly this is an absurd overreaction and a violation of these students first amendment rights. One kind of country are we if we can’t even support our local professional football teams? The argument that this affects Native Americans has been disproven time and time again with studies showing that over 90% of Natives don’t find the term or the teams mascot offensive at all. This is just another power hungry principal shoving his Political Correctness justice down the throats of America’s youth. It’s time to push back against these PC dictators and their tyrannical rule.


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