Why Trump’s Low Approval Rating Isn’t A Big Deal- And What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

Lately the media has been making a huge deal about President Trump’s approval rating. His downward trend in the polls has been a headline on CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost, and other mainstream outlets. They say that he has no chance at re-election and has become a “deadbeat” president because of these polls.

Are his polling numbers lower than he and his supporters would like? Sure, but that’s no reason to despair, here’s why. First and foremost, national polls have tended to vastly under estimate Trumps support (election night anyone??). These polls also tend to lean left so the results can be skewed.

What’s more than this though is the context of these poll numbers and it’s what those mainstream sites won’t tell you. Everybody remembers Emmanuel Macron right? The young, bedazzling, newly elected  French President. How could we not? The media portrayed Macron as the hero of Europe, saving them from the evils of Le Pen and her pro-Trump, populist agenda. If you haven’t heard much of him lately though, it might be because his poll ratings are even lower then Trumps! Macron is not sitting alone at the unpopular kids table though, Japanese President Shinzo Abe, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and yes THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY all have lower poll ratings in Trump. You know who’s lower than all of these embattled politicians though? The mainstream media themselves. They come in at a staggering low 32% approval rating, their lowest EVER.

Still need more proof that Trump’s poll numbers aren’t anything to worry about? What if I told you that President Ronald Reagan, hero to the Republican party, also had very low approval ratings in his first year of office, even lower than Trumps. Just like with Trump the liberal news networks all wrote him off as a lame duck but of course as we all know Reagan went on to win an unheard of 49/50 states in his re-election bid and became one of the greatest president of all time. So hopefully now when your liberal aunt begins to rub Trump’s approval rating in your face at the next family gathering, or when you see Jake Tapper running his mouth on CNN, you’ll just lean back and smile knowing all the bullshit coming out of their mouth doesn’t mean a damn thing.


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