Teenage Girls Wearing MAGA Hats Assaulted At Howard University

This past Saturday two teenage girls on a school sponsored tour of Washington D.C  were assaulted moments after walking into the cafeteria at Howard University. The reason? They were wearing hats supporting the current president of the United States. Let’s think about how insane this is for a second. Yes, racial tensions after Charlottesville have been sky high across the nation, but does that excuse violent behavior in retaliation to someone’s differing political opinion? The answer to that as any sane person would tell you is no. Half of the tour group (from a couple of high schools in New Jersey) weren’t even through the entrance before a black man ran up and grabbed the hat off of one girls head and another yelled multiple expletives and slurs at the young girls. One of the girls, Allie Vandee, posted the following on Twitter about the incident


The backlash was fierce and Allie reportedly faced a death threat and multiple other threats to her safety.  Howard students were quick to respond with social media posts of their own like below



The amount of stupidity in some of these people is astounding. In America we are all given the right of free speech. It is one of the most basic and fundamental right that we are granted  and is one that we all should hold dearly. These “safe spaces” and trigger warnings” are doing nothing but hurting college students an leaving them woefully unprepared for the real world. If you’re upset with something you get off the couch and do something about it, not harass and assault 16 year old girls.


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