Man Kicked Out Of College For Defending Confederate Monument

Allen Armentrout, from High Point N.C, was recently told  that his enrollment had been cancelled at  Pensacola Christian College, where he had been a student for 3 years. The reason? He was photographed with a confederate flag standing in front of a statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville. While standing in front of the monument Allen was yelled at, flicked off, and spit on by angry people who opposed his stance. Allen is now desperately looking for a college to accept him for his senior year. When asked about why they terminated Allen’s enrollment the college said “We do not share any private information about the students. Our hearts certainly go out to people suffering there and we are thinking about them from afar,”


Whether you agree or disagree with the statues taking away somebody’s enrollment is just way too far. He never attacked or assaulted anybody and was there to peacefully protest. Lately colleges have become too bold in shutting down opposing beliefs and we can’t allow this anymore. It’s time that more people stand up for their beliefs and tell these colleges that we will not be pushed around anymore.



images courtesy of Andrew Shurtleff/Daily Progress


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