Album Review: Riley Green “Outlaws Like Us” Blows Away Expactations

After a 2 year wait from his last EP release Riley Green is back in full force with his new EP “Outlaws Like Us”.

The 6 song EP contains an updated version of his hit song “Bury Me In Dixie” as well as 5 brand new songs.

The updated “Bury Me In Dixie” is much more lively and upbeat and somehow sounds even better than the first version.

The first song on the EP is “Man Like Me”. This is the most upbeat song on the release and is an in your face pride song about what makes a man like him.

The second song is “How Ya Left Me”. After the loud and proud “Man Like Me”, “How Ya Left Me” sombers the tone a little bit. It tells the story of how he was left by a girl saying “you left me like you leave a warm drink right about last call” and other descriptions like that.

“When She Comes Home Tonight” is one of the better love/seduction songs I’ve heard in the last few years and the creative lyrics he uses in it separate it from other songs like it.

The title track for the song “Outlaws Like Us” sounds just as you think it would. He sings about “who’s gonna drive them old trucks?” And “we still run them old one light towns” and about stealing girls hearts which all combine for the perfect outlaw song.

If you’ve ever had a family member or someone you care about suffer from Alzheimer’s. “Numbers On The Cars” will hit you like a freight train. It perfectly describes how there’s always that one thing that keeps that person somewhat sane and can bring them back to normalcy if only for a minute.

All in all not only did Riley live up to the sky high expectations but he blew them out of the water. Buy is EP on iTunes Here



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