Top 10 Luke Bryan Songs You Won’t Find On The Radio

The 4th edition of our series brings us to Luke Bryan. Known for his huge singles (Rain Is A Good Thing, Kick The Dust Up, Play It Again) and his tight fitting jeans, people tend to think that Luke is more of a showman and doesn’t have as much depth as other artists. Well hopefully after reading this list you’ll come to think otherwise. Here are the top 10 Luke Bryan songs you can’t find on the radio and probably haven’t heard before.

1.) Tailgate Blues

2.) The Car In Front Of Me

3.) Little Boys Grow Up And Dogs Get Old

4.) Here’s To The Farmer

5.) You Don’t Know Jack

6.) Muckalee Creek Water

7.) Tackle Box

8.) Suntan City

9.) Southern Gentleman

10.) My Ole Bronco


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