Opinion: Trump Right To Condemn Both Sides In Charlottesville

The events that transpired in Charlottesville this past weekend, and President Donald Trumps remarks on it have headlined the news cycle all week. At first I was against writing an article on it. It seemed like everybody had their own opinion and there really wasn’t anything to say that everyone else hadn’t already covered. As the week went on though, the backlash against Trumps comments deepened and the narrative got twisted to the point where no one is even talking about the real tragedy, a lost life. Before we get into anything  let me be clear, I am 100% against white supremacists/Neo-Nazis and other far right extremist groups. I am also 100% against Antifa and other far left extremist groups.

The main problem I have is that it seems everyone want to tie Trump to these white supremacists. Not once has Trump ever spoken a word of support for these groups or tried to garner their support. Just because they voted for him does not mean that they have ties to him nor does it mean that he is somehow responsible for their actions. Just like Bernie Sanders isn’t responsible for his supporter (and volunteer) who shot up the Republican baseball practice. This is just another attempt by the liberal media to try and bring Trump down by any means necessary.

Another thing is how everyone in the media is upset that Trump had condemned both sides. To act like the alt-left has not committed just as heinous crimes as the alt-right is just absurd. Neither of them are justified in any shape or form and for the media to back these alt-left groups, shows how desperate they are to disparage Trump.

None of this is to excuse the actions of the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville, what happened was a disgrace to America and all that we stand for as Americans, but to show that the alt-left aren’t “heroes” or just people protesting Nazi’s, but instead can be just as extreme and just as violent. Two reporters in Charlottesville were beaten and punched by alt-left groups and now the Democrats and the media own these people. They have lifted them up as heroes and saviors, but next time when they attack unprovoked like they did in UC Berkeley and in D.C, the American people will see what they really are and the Democrats and the media won’t be able to walk back their support.

As Americans we should condemn all types of violence from all sides of the political spectrum. No longer can we lay blame to one side and sweep the other’s actions beneath the rug for the sake of political points. The left and the right must come together and fight these extremists groups who to strive to divide and send us into chaos.


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