Muscadine Bloodline Will Be Your New Favorite Country Duo In No Time

Tired of the same old worn out songs on the radio? Look no further than Alabama’s new rising country duo Muscadine Bloodline. Their first self-titled EP was released in early 2017 , hit #1 on the country charts, and the duo, made up of , Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, haven’t looked back since.


One of the best things about Muscadine Bloodline, is there ability to play a wide range of sounds. They can do everything from Texas Country, to Southern Rock, to straight up country, and they thrive in all of them. They captivate you with their unapologetic, and in your face southern pride song “Shut Your Mouth” then take you on a life saving journey with their moving song “CB Radio”.  Their songs “WD-40” and “Porch Swing Angel” have been featured on “The Highway” on Sirius XM radio.

They are also a GREAT live show and are a must see on their tour, which is going on now. They have an energy about them when they perform that energizes the whole crowd and ensures that everyone has a good time. Make sure you go check these guys out, you can buy their EP on iTunes here and check out their tour dates here


One comment

  1. These guys are on the road to #1 duo in country music! Don’t miss out on a chance to see them in concert or hear them! Get their album now!


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