Why You NEED To Go Pre-Order Kip Moore’s New Album “Slowheart”

by: Grainne Nugent

If you haven’t pre-ordered Kip Moore’s album then my advice would be, as soon as you finish reading this article head on over to www.kipmoore.net and pre order for exclusive material leading up to the release on 8th September.

Many country artists today are making ‘pop’ songs instead of real country songs. Artists are making songs so that radio will play them or because it’s what their label wants. Well not Kip Moore.

Kip writes most of the songs on his upcoming record, and most of the songs he has recorded in the past. Radio don’t seem to play his new songs because it’s not what they want, his label push back against his songs, but Kip pushes back even harder and his fans love it.

His music is so raw, open and honest, it’s music that everyone can relate to, whether it be about a broken heart, getting in trouble or getting drunk with your buddies. Kip produces music that is true and reflective of the person that he is while writing that particular song. It also allows his fans an insight into the stage that Kip is at right now in his life.

It may not be what radio wants, or what his label want, but it’s exactly what Kip and his fans want. This is why he sells out his tours including a tour in the UK and Australia.

Don’t miss out on some of the most honest country music that you will have heard in a long time and head on over to pre order Kip’s new album, Slowheart. The new album is released a full 24 hours before to anyone that pre-orders.


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