The Hypocrisy Of Liberal Chicago Shines Through

Liberal hypocrisy is nothing new, but Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and the City of Chicago takes it to a whole another level.

The city, which once stood as a symbol of American greatness, now stands for the destructive consequences of liberal policies. Since 1950 over 1 million people have left Chicago, including a whopping 20,000 last year alone. A U-Haul rental from Chicago to Texas is 6 times more expensive as the return trip, showing just how lopsided the migration is.

Not only that, but Chicago is also widely considered one of if not the most dangerous developed places in the world with over 2,200  shootings already this year.

So what has it’s government and Mayor Emmanuel done to rectify this situation? Absolutely nothing. His pledge to hire 1,000 more police officers? Incomplete, The crippling $838 million property tax? Still in place, Fixes to America’s most underfunded pension plan? Nope.

Instead of working to fix these problems Rahm has turned his attention to fighting AG Sessions new crackdown on Sanctuary Cities. Like many other blue cities, Chicago is a Sanctuary City, meaning that they don’t allow their police officers to communicate with federal agents when an illegal immigrant is arrested.

The ramifications of this is huge as we’ve seen in Portland, Oregon, where local police ignored an ICE deportation notice for an illegal immigrant who had already been deported 20 times. The man was then released by city authorities and then sexually assaulted a 65 year old woman in her home.

Chicagoans must be so proud that their elected officials have decided to spend their time and energy defending people like that instead of their own legal citizens.

Possibly more alarming than this though is the grotesque way Chicago officials reward themselves. More than 10,000 City of Chicago government employees make over six-figures. 1,000 of these employees make $40,000 on overtime alone last year. In fact thanks to Mayor Emmanuel, Chicago now has more government employees making above six-figures than the entire state government of Illinois.

How does Rahm plan to pay for these astronomically high salaries? By raising already insanely high taxes of course. This year a Chicago family will pay $1,700 more in taxes than they did in 2011, and that number only projects to increase.

If Chicagoans want to save themselves and their once great city it’s time to put historical tendencies behind, and put a republican in the mayors office.


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