Review of Josh Okeefe’s self titled debut album

With all of the loud drums and blaring overdone melodies on music row today, Josh OKeefe is a nice step back to the good ole days of Hank and Merle. With an voice that sounds like its been perfected by years and years of straight whiskey and cigarettes, it’s surprising to find out that he’s only in his twenty’s.

Josh resides in Nashville, following the path of his country hero Hank Williams, but is originally from Derby, England. He describes his home town as “a market town, the birthplace of the industrial revolution. It’s a grungy type, working-class feel, cobbled streets, grey popcorn textured buildings, hustle and bustle, on the grind allday, everyday kinda place.” You can see the influence of his home town in his music, and he pays a tribute to it with his song “Salford Boys”.

One of the most impressive things about Josh is his braveness to confront the issue of racism in America with his song “Terrance Crutcher”. What makes this so impressive is the way he confronts this. Most if not all other country musicians would never produce a song like that, as it shy’s away from their standard back the blue mantra, but it what makes Josh stand out in an overcrowded Nashville.

The rest of the album includes great listens like “Cigarettes” and “Keepin Me goin” that will have you humming along for the rest of the day, and the next. So if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of todays country and are ready for more of a slowdown, we’ve got your man and his name is Josh Okeefe.

You can find his songs here.


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