Make Sure you Pre-Order The Cadillac Three’s New Album “Legacy”

By: Gráinne Nugent

You guys need to pre-order the new album ‘Legacy’ coming out on 25th August, not only because the album is going to be one of the albums of the summer. But also because if you pre-order you get four songs now, and trust me you will have these songs on repeat. The preview that we have gotten from this album with the four released songs makes you crave the entire album, this album is like a soundtrack to your life from ‘dang if we didn’t’ talking about getting drunk last night with your friends, which most of us have done, to ‘American Slang’ talking about what it was like to be raised in America.

The guys have a huge soft spot for their fans because they know it’s thanks to them that they are having the success they are currently enjoying. An example of this is recently on twitter a fan tweeted saying that they would love to go see The Cadillac Three when they come to Oregon but they couldn’t afford it. Cadillac three followed this fan on twitter and tweeted for her to message them and they would send her tickets so that they could come to their show. This shows the kind of people they are to care this much about their fans and to reach out to their fan like this.

The Cadillac Three have been working on ‘Legacy’ since their last record came out last August. Legacy is a must have for everyone who enjoys good music, its perfect for long drives with catchy melodies and honest lyrics that you want to sing out at the top of your voice (even if you can’t sing). This album is all about the stage that the guys are at in their lives write now, as the songs go from being about weddings and have babies, to them finding a way to keep their friendship strong traveling so much together.

The album will be released on 25th August and has been tipped as one of the albums of August. Pre-order now to get your hands on the first four songs they have released. Trust me you will regret missing out having these songs in your life.


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