Frank Foster is the Best Country Artist You Haven’t Heard Of (Yet)

Born and raised in Cypress Bottom, Louisiana, Frank Foster is as tried and true as they come. A former college athlete (he played basketball at UNC Pembroke) Frank spent 6 years in the Gulf of Mexico working on an oil rig before giving country music a shot. Long days on the rig are what inspired him to give music a shot he explained to us saying “14 straight 12 hour days in the Gulf Of Mexico for 6 years will light a fire under any dream”.

Frank uses his past experiences to write his songs and you can hear it. There’s a certain kind of meaningfulness you can hear when he sings and his storytelling makes you feel like you’re right there living the song with him. Songwriting is one of Frank’s biggest strengths, he describes his songwriting process as “Not a 2pm writing appointment with 4 other people.  I’ve got a home and 165 acre farm about 45 minutes south of Nashville.  Most of my best work has come alone on the front porch.”

One of the best things about Frank Foster is his independence. Unlike other artists, Frank does not belong to another label, in fact he has his own. This independence allows him to make songs that are true to him and his fans, instead of churning out songs for a label that’s only concerned with radio play.

Frank grew up to listening Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings and southern rock, and you can hear their influence in his music. His first album was released in 2011, and Frank hasn’t looked back since. His career has included sharing the stage with his musical hero, Hank Williams jr., countless tours, and a wild moment  when he was set to open a show on the beach in Bay St. Louis, MS for the late Greg Almon. A storm blew in about 3 hours before show time and knocked the stage scaffolding down ruining both men’s equipment.

Frank is currently on tour and you can check his tour dates out Here and make sure you also check him out on ITunes Here. For the full interview transcript including Frank’s favorite song click Here


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