Why Kip Moore’s Impact On His Fans Is Much Bigger Than His Songs

By: Grainne Nugent

A lot of people seem to have the wrong idea about Kip Moore, because he sings about some things that push the boundaries including the fact that he has a bad reputation. These people need to take a real look at the work that Kip does and the way that his music impacts his fans.

Kip gives everything that he has into every single performance, he wears his heart on his sleeve (the rare occasion that he wears sleeves), and he wants to make sure that his fans have an amazing time because they spent their hard earned cash on his tickets. If he spots a fan in the crowd with a despondent look, or they don’t seem to be enjoying themselves, Kip will focus on that after his show, wondering what he could have done differently to make that person enjoy his show, and that will play on his mind until the next show.

What other artist would care this much about their fans? There are artists that don’t care as long as they are selling tickets and records and making money. Not Kip, he’s all about taking his fans on this crazy journey of his career with him. He shares his highs and lows and is very honest about his life and what he went through to where he is today. This is one of the many reasons that Kip has such a loyal fan base worldwide.

He has fans that travel all around the world to see him, racking up thousands of miles on what they call Kiptrips. By the end of September I myself will have travelled 17,078 miles and for me every single one of them has been completely worth it. It’s impossible to find the right words to describe what a Kip Moore show is like, you can feel his passion and energy in the crowd, his fans sing his words back to him and for him, songs that he has never released and only performs shows they know word for word. Songs on his albums that weren’t singles or hits, they can sing for him, I have no idea how he calms down after a show because as only being there as a fan you leave on such a high because you went through that entire gig with him.

If you go on to any of Kips social media sites, you will see the impact that he has had on his fans lives. Helping them through their battle with depression, helping them find the strength to fight, helping soldiers get through the long gruesome days and nights when at war. The list of ways that he has impacted his fans is endless, his songs have been used in weddings, and they hold very special places in people’s hearts and memories.

Kip Moore really is a kind hearted, honest, genuine guy who wants to help people in any way that he possibly can. He has set up his own charity ‘Kipskids Fund’ which sets up skate parks in run down areas so that the kids have somewhere safe to spend their time and stay out of trouble. Kip pledged financial assistance to Nashville Songwriters because he feels that they don’t get enough credit or money for the work that they do and this may help them be more able to write the songs they want to. He was also chosen as the Chief Graduate Officer for the Military 1st program, which he was very honoured when asked to be a part of this.

A great example of Kip’s kindheartedness is the story behind his new hit single “More Girls Like You”. Kip spends a lot of time out on the road playing shows and is also an avid surfer. All this time on the road has made him start paying more attention to Dad’s spending time with their daughters. One day while out on the beach he saw a father  trying to teach his little girl to surf but he was struggling. So Kip headed over to them and he offered to help the father teach the young girl and he found himself spending quite a bit of time with them. After this encounter Kip found himself picturing what it would be like for him to be doing that one-day with his own daughter.

We need more people and artists like Kip Moore in our world, hopefully not only can we have more girls like her, but more guys like him too.


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