SMU Students Outraged After Removal Of “Triggering” 9/11 Display

Every year since 2010, students at Southern Methodist University (SMU) have placed 2,977 American flags on a prominent campus lawn, as a token of remembrance for the lives lost on 9/11.

This year though things are different.

School officials  removed all of the flags and moving them to a less prominent spot on campus. The cause for this change? A new campus policy aimed at protecting students from “harmful or triggering” messages.

The school predictably received heavy backlash by the student body and came out with a new statement claiming that the flags were in fact not removed because it was “triggering” like they previously claimed but instead because they need that lawn for classes. A school spokesman also said “SMU respects the rights of all campus community members to express their opinions, as well as their right to be free from coercion and harassment,”.

I don’t know about you but this sounds  like straight leftist safe space propaganda to me. Once again the concerns of the very very few are given priority over the overwhelming majority. Students are trying to petition the School to move the flags back to their rightful place but so far there has been no response from SMU.

If SMU will not listen to the voices of their own students then maybe they will listen to their alumni and their donors.


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