Live Concert review: Jason Aldean “They Don’t Know” Tour

After the high bar set by Dierks Bentley’s “What The Hell Tour” from our last Live Concert review Jason Aldean did nothing but disappoint. It’s not that Aldean was terrible or didn’t put on a good show but it was just not a concert that lives up to his name.

The blame can start with the poor opening act of Kane Brown. While Kane has as much star potential as any opener and has one of the best voices in country music his songs just don’t reflect his voice. He has a deep soothing sound, but it gets distorted and lost with the hip-hop feel he throws in his songs. Kane never really got the crowd going and was a sign of things to come.

Chris Young was the brightest part of the night, doing his part to rev up the crowd. Everybody sang along to his hits “Aw Naw” and “Lonely Eyes”.  He did his best to get the show back on track and did a pretty damn good job of it.

Aldean came on a little later than expected but to his credit stayed late (even racking up a noise ordinance) and that’s very commendable. Aldean played it safe sticking to his big hits from all of his albums and didn’t really stray from his bread and butter. While the crowd enjoyed his songs he never really got them involved as much as Dierks did and that’s where the show gets bad marks. All in all it was a good but unspectacular show that didn’t quite live up to the Aldean hype.

rating: 6.5


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