Out Of Control Political Correctness Strikes Again In New Adidas Ad

Political correctness has struck again in a recently released Adidas promo ad(see at bottom of page). The ad is titled “Create Positivity” and has over 500,000 YouTube hits. It contains sports stars like Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) and Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs). It also features a scene where a high school basketball team covers up the word Indians on their jersey by putting red tape over it. This is a not so subtle dig at the Cleveland Indians who have come under fire lately by the PC police for their nickname. Also coming under fire have been the Washington redskins even though 9/10 Native Americans don’t find the name offensive at all.


This is just another example of political correctness getting out of control. Yes their is a time and place for political correctness where it can be helpful but lately it’s just been getting blown way out of proportion. What’s next, are the Minnesota Vikings offensive to Nordic people? Do the New York Yankees objectify northerners? It’s time to put an end to extreme political correctness and stand up to these PC bullies.


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