Christie pulls ultimate power move

IMG_0876Time to give up folks, you will never accomplish such a power move then what gov. Chris Christie did this past weekend. After closing all of the state run beaches (making it even worse than it already was to be a New Jersey resident) Christie has the balls to vacation with his family on one of the very beaches he shut down. How can you not be impressed by the balls on this man? His ability to not care the slightest about his public perception is unmatched in not only today’s political climate but possibly the most since King Henry VIII (i.e. The guy who killed all his wives for not giving him a male heir).se

Just being on the closed beach is more of a power move than anything we could handle but Christie wasn’t finished. When asked if he got any sun on Sunday Christie replied that he did not and when he was shown the photos of him on the beach Christie replied that “he had a hat on which kept him from getting any sun”, backing up his prior statement.

You’ve got to respect the double down on the no sun quote here. Basically with such a low approval rating (15%) Christie is in full screw it mode here and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He made this obvious with his flagship quote of the vacay weekend after being asked if he thought it was fair to use the beach when it was closed to everyone else Christie replied “run for governor and you can have a residence there”.

That’s a quote of the year candidate right there. Instead of taking the better PR move of apologizing for it all he just keeps trucking right through it all and flicks his proverbial middle finger to the reporter and the rest of the state.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for this man. Never change Chris Christie, never change.




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