Looks like Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of NATO countries defence budgets has paid off. NATO allies recently announced a 4.3 percent increase to their defence spending for this year, mostly in response to pressure put on them by President Trump. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that “The increase is a clear demonstration that our alliance stands united in the face of any possible aggression,”.

This increase brings military spending by US NATO allies to around $300 billion. While this is still less than what the US spends alone, it is a good first step into easing our NATO allies out of the protected womb that the US has given them in the past and making them more responsible and self reliable.

One of the biggest laggards in defence spending has been Germany, which has caused a bit of a rift between them and the US. President Trump he called them out multiple times to pick up their slack and it looks that is starting to work as well. Recently Von der Leyen, the German defense minister, said that her country was working toward the spending goal saying “We need to have a fair burden sharing in Europe,” von der Leyen said, speaking alongside Mattis in Germany. “If we want to have stability in the neighboring regions, we have to take responsibility for it.”


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