We sat down with country singer Rich O’Toole t discuss his new album, recent car wreck, tacos and much more.


Tell us about your recent serious Car accident and how the recovery has been?

It was horrible. I was in the back of an uber that stopped on a 4 lane small hwy in Amarillo. It broke the c6 in my Neck. I’m trying to block it out of my mind become honestly I really disagree with Uber’s policies on how they hire and it almost killed me.

How was it moving from your home state ofTexas to Los Angeles?

I loved it. I can’t write an album called “American Kid” with out living in every part of America. I would just be writing a lie. So that’s the plan. I currently live in NYC

Talk to us about your new American Kid album and the themes behind it?

It’s about Cali, Nashville and parts of Texas. It’s about a late 20’s early 30 year old trying to make a living in the current state of America. Lots of true stories about life and Demands I have. Some deep some surface.

This is your 6th album that you have released, what have you learned from your last albums and how have you applied it to your new one?

Every year I get better at writing. We all grow up. When people don’t like my early music I sometimes have to agree. I was just learning how to write. It would be liking making fun of a little leaguer.

What’s your Songwriting process?

Real life. All my songs are about me in some way or another if you look deep enough.

Whats your favorite thing to do in your Free time?

Eat tacos, drink wine and play wiffle ball

Tell us about your taco obsessionĀ 

Pretty simple… tacos are amazing!!!!!! lol it’s the spicy green sauce and fresh tortilla that get me.

Is your Twitter persona who you are in real life or do you beef it up a little for social media?

Naw, it’s real for better or worse. My Mom’s always like “Please delete that. Lol

Favorite artist to play with?

Not sure, every artist I guess. I appreciate anybody trying to do this for a living.

Most memorable moment

Singing on stage with my idol Robert Earl Keen

What do you have coming up?

A lot actually, I moved to NYC for the summer be we are releasing 2 new songs and 3 music videos while I’m here.

Tell us bout your clothing line and emoji sets you came out with in between your American Kid album and your last one Jaded

The Lone Star Collection is a great line for Men in Texas that like to dress nice and Texas needed it’s own emojis so we just made it happen. Both are fun to work with on the side.

What got you started in country music and what’s your inspiration to keep going?

Just wanting to perform and tell my story. It’s scary out there. What keeps me going is the writing and seeing new places. I love to travel and write about different cities



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