Russia Investigation Leads Nowhere While Terror Strikes Manchester by: Paul O’Brien

Russia Investigation Leads Nowhere While Sharia Savages Attack Children
By Paul O’Brien

So Jon Brennan, former director of CIA under President Obama, was asked by Trey Gowdy if he uncovered any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. His answer was no.

The only thing he had after months of investigating, spying and wiretapping was that someone who knew Trump (and he would not say if it was a member of the campaign or just someone associated with Trump) had spoken to a Russian. When asked what this person spoke to Russia about Brennan demurred, saying he didn’t even know if that person collided.

Interesting side note was that Brennan says Russia has interfered in all of our elections. HE was unable to find collusion between Russia and any of the past candidates, including Trump.

Gowdy also testified that 3 Democrat leaders from the same state, had given conflicting statements regarding this investigation despite all 3 seeing the same information ad Gowdy. 2 out of the 3 say there is no evidence of collusion while the 3rd says there is evidence but refuses to say what.

This investigation is leading nowhere but the Democrats have opened a can of worms they cannot close. The new independent investigator will be obliged to investigate ALL 2016 Presidential candidates which means further information regarding Democrat ties to Russia will come forward.

Keep in mind that the Seth Rich murder has been in the news with millions of people speculating that HE was the leak to Wikileaks and not Russia. Wikileaks has always maintained that Russia was not their source and Julian Assange put up a reward for any information leading to the capture of Rich’s killer.

It is sad that the media is ignoring this information because it doesn’t support the narrative they have been shoving down the throats of viewers since election day.

The Manchester terrorist attack, like the London attack last month, is already being dropped in favor of attacking President Trump. I suppose that story doesn’t help the media’s narrative either as Trump has warned is these attacks will continue until we do something to stop them.

And to the liberals telling us that love conquers hate, I say this:

If you want to hug or love ISIS, who just targeted children, thinking that will make them stop slaughtering people, be my guest. But stop telling me or anyone else that we should do it. I personally believe that all mosques should be monitored, no immigrants from countries that enforce Sharia law be allowed unless we can prove that they are being persecuted by those supporting and enforcing Sharia law, and we monitor EVERY immigrant who has entered the country.

But even that won’t stop the terrorism because we not only have the immigrants themselves then selves to worry about, but their children too! Every attack in the last few years had either been by an immigrant or their children.

My prayers are with the people of UK. We saw with Brexit that they tried to stop the tidal wave of Sharia savages their leaders forced on them. Even after the London attack nothing was done to prevent further attacks.

We are so blessed to be in a country with a leader like Donald Trump. It was his speech following the Orlando attack that won me over. He didn’t pander to the Muslims as if they had been attacked or play PC police for fear of offending anyone. He condemned the ideology behind the attacks and behind Sharia law.

If you have a free moment today take it to thank God for being in America and say a prayer for the victims in Manchester.


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