The New LGBT Curriculum Forced on Students By Paul O’Brien

This LGBT curriculum in schools is ridiculous! I get making sure LGBT students are safe and free of being bullied, but forcing a curriculum targeting them on other students? Does this mean the LGBT students will be forced to take a class devoted to heterosexuals? If the idea is to educate then why not? And make it voluntary, not mandatory.

I’m 37 years old. I didn’t have this curriculum in any of my schools and I was fine. I wasn’t “damaged” due to my school not forcing other students to take classes that would make them tolerant of a group that makes up less than 5% of the country.

I think the liberals have taken this “open mind” attitude and reversed it. You don’t force someone to have an open mind. Do you know how I made a difference with people who didn’t know any gays or had a negative opinion of them? I let them get to know me without ever telling them. And once they figured out I wasn’t the typical stereotype flamboyant, promiscuous, catty, feminine troublemaker, they had a positive experience with someone from the community who didn’t force their views on them.

I could care less if strangers don’t approve of me. I appreciate ANYONE praying for me no matter what the intention. What I do care about are gays being killed by people. And since the liberal left isn’t in any hurry to educate Sharia savages that fund their political party I’m not in any hurry to endorse this policy.

I’ve said it a hundred times. I’d rather be denied a wedding cake than be thrown off a building or stoned to death. Words don’t hurt me because if I stopped anyone from expressing their opinions, no matter how offensive some find them, then someone will one day stop ME from expressing my own opinions.

So once again the liberal left has decided to ignore the real problem which is 11 countries and 100 million people who believe gays should die or be imprisoned for being gay. Those people are now in Europe, destroying it one day at a time, and here in America.

But liberals don’t want to offend these people because they throw millions of dollars into their special interest groups and political campaigns. So allow me to offend them right here and now.

If a Sharia savage EVER approaches me with the intention of dishing out Sharia law justice they will meet Western justice. This is one faggot who will not be thrown off a roof or stoned to death without taking at least one of them down with me.


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