Another Unconfirmed Story by an Unconfirmed Source By Paul O’Brien

President Trump is being attacked by the left this week and there is a big reason. That reason is named Seth Rich. To those who don’t know about Seth, he was an employee of the Democratic National Committee who was murdered on his way home from a bar in July 2016. The original motive for his unsolved murder was a robbery attempt. And yet the wallet, watch and cell phone were not touched.

Immediately following the murder Seth’s family went on television begging the public for any information on the murder. Months later, Julian Assange of Wikileaks offered a 25,000 dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of Seth’s killer. Once the reward hit the media, the DNC was suddenly speaking for the family, dismissing any links between Seth and Wikileaks.

But on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, Fox News and multiple news networks reported that a private investigator has discovered ties between Seth and Wikileaks. Thousands of emails both to and from Wikileaks were found on Seth’s laptop. Seth became the number one trending topic on Twitter with over a hundred thousand people discussing the case.

And then President Trump was accused of giving classified information to Russia. Immediately the liberal media began focusing on this story and neglected the Seth Rich story altogether. While both the White House and Russia denied any confidential information was given by President Trump, ANOTHER story comes out that former FBI director James Comey had made a memo of President Trump asking him to drop the investigation into General Mike Flynn.

Now keep in mind that NO media has seen the memo or even interviewed anyone who has seen it. Their stories named an “unconfirmed source” who had seen it. This unconfirmed source seems to be very popular and trendy with the liberal media. So as they accuse Trump of doing what past Presidents HAVE done without the moral outrage response, the American people continue to discuss Seth Rich or the recent accusations of fraud made against Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders, which the liberal media also ignores.

Seth Rich isn’t the only reason for these attacks on our President. He had his first overseas trip to the Middle East coming up and the liberal left suspect the visit will be a successful one. So unable to use policy as a way of attacking him they go with yet another unconfirmed story with yet another unconfirmed source.

If President Trump was guilty of what they are accusing him of then he is in good company as both President Bush and Obama have done the same things. But President Trump denies the allegations and continues leading our nation.

A thought came to me during this moral outrage. The left has gone beyond hypocrisy. We now live in a country where a star like Tim Allen is censored for being a conservative but late night host Steven Colbert is allowed to go on national television and use homophobic slurs about our President. This is the America Obama and the left have created. Never have we needed a leader like Trump more.


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