Southern Sky’s Artist and Songs of the Week

Our popular series is back again and we have another rising artists and 5 great songs again this week for you to discover.

BlackJack Billy-
the 4 person band first came onto the scene in the spring of 2013 with their hit single “Booze Cruise” and have built on that momentum since. The band has a self described “redneck rock” sound and have been called the roll n stones of country music. Along with “Booze Cruise” their other hit song “Why God Made Summertime” are both great songs for this upcoming summer. Their sound can be very comparable to Florida Georgia Line. We expect a lot from this foursome in the future.

Our favorites
Booze Cruise
Why God Made Summertime
Blood Swear and Beer
Born to Ride
How to get the girl


American Kid – Rich O’Toole
Cash checkin country- Midland
Who I am- Frank Foster
Play her tonight – Riley Green
11:59 (central standard time)- The Railers


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