Draining The Swamp: Comey Out by: Paul O’Brien

President Trump has fired FBI director James Comey so now the liberals who demanded he be fired back in October are crying foul.

From everything I have read about Comey, his agency is in chaos due to his decisions not to prosecute government officials who broke the law. If your staff don’t respect you or your decisions then you have created an atmosphere of conflict. I for one won’t be sorry to see him go.

Trump could have fired him back when he was first sworn in but he gave him the opportunity to keep his job. Since then all Comey has done is feed the conspiracy theories of Russia/Trump collusion despite offering no evidence while ignoring the evidence of Democrats taking money from Russians and selling them uranium in exchange for paid speeches.

Maybe the new FBI director will actually prosecute Democrats who break the law. Intent does not excuse the crime. Saying Hillary Clinton did not intend to break the law when she violated security with her own private server doesn’t change the fact that she did break the law.

I hope we see investigations into the Democrats who have violated the law whether by abusing the system (IRS targeting conservatives or demasking private citizens to give the media information) or ignoring the laws as in sanctuary city advocates.
The hypocrisy of Democrats is astounding. It confirms what many have believed which is that if President Trump found a cure for cancer these same Democrats would cry foul, citing the loss of income for doctors. Many have acknowledged that Comey was a very controversial FBI director but they will take any opportunity to attack Trump.
To Trump supporters this is another sign of the swamp being drained. He promised us that he would make major changes and he is doing just that. I do wonder how nervous Hillary Clinton and Huma Weiner are right now. Remember the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation. And while Comey may not have found any reason to prosecute either of them many of the rank and file inside FBI disagreed.
To the Democrats crying foul I will remind them that the President decides on who is or isn’t the director of the FBI. There is no law or any clause in the Constitution that says Congress, Senate or even Supreme Court decides who leads the FBI. The liberal hatred for President Trump have to learn to accept the same things they cheered for with Obama.
To President Trump I say congratulations on draining the swamp. Keep up the great work!


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