Here’s a look at 5 Country music stars whose athletic pasts may or may not surprise you.

Toby Keith

Burly Toby Keith was a standout DE at Oklahoma and then played on a semi-pro team in Oklahoma City. Toby then worked in the oil industry but went back to football after a recession hit. He tried out for the UFLs Oklahoma Outlaws but didn’t make the team.

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt almost made a living throwing the football before making the choice to pursue music. Sam played QB for middle Tennessee state and UAB in college. After he graduated from UAB he was invited to to the Kansas City Chiefs minicamp but failed to make the team and moved to Nashville shortly after.

Colt Ford

Who knew big ole Colt Ford used to be a professional athlete? Colt played on the PGA sponsored Nationwide Tour and was on his way to making it to the PGA tour when he broke his leg on a sprinkler head after a reception party for a golf tournament. If it wasn’t for that pesky sprinkler head who knows where Colt would be now.

Garth Brooks

This country legend was also star on the baseball diamond and on the track. He was offered a trick and field scholarship to Oklahoma State where he competed in the Javelin throw. In 1998 and 1999 Garth signed spring training contracts with the padres but failed to make the team though he the as offered a non-roster spot which he declined. The next season Brooks signed with the New York Mets for spring training and again in 2004 for the Kansas City Royals.

Chase Rice

The “Carolina Can” singer was a standout LB at the University of North Carolina in his college years. He started 3 years but was sidelined by a season ending ankle injury and was unable to pursue a NFL career. Chase also worked in the pits for Hendricks Racing but gave it up to chase his music dream.


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