France has fallen… Again by: Paul O’Brien

Sadly the French elections are over and the liberals of Paris have won. I feel for the patriots of the rest of France who have been suffering for years. I don’t feel sorry for the liberals because even after multiple terrorist attacks they embraced a candidate who is for open borders and supports the EU and the unvetted refugee program forced on France by Mother Migrant Merkel.

France has two things to be ashamed of. Falling to Hitler in 2 days is one and supporting the Sharia savages committed to destroying France is the other. They have already lost Paris, turning it into a clone of Syria or Iraq with filthy men bathing in the streets or defecating on century old architecture.

Maybe after the Sharia savages have taken over France both the US and UK can save the French from them like we did when Hitler beat them in 2 days. Remember that Paris, led by liberals, fell in 2 days while the rest of France resisted and the French Resistance became the unsung heroes of WWII.

Either way this is a devastating loss for hardworking French. The EU will continue to take money from them to support the million refugees they forced on Europe. Maybe UK can work out a deal to exchange their Sharia savages for the French. That way UK is Sharia free and those good French won’t suffer more terrorist attacks.

Today I am even prouder to be an American with President Trump. I imagine Hillary Clinton would have already brought thousands of Sharia savages here to demand Sharia law as they are doing in Europe. Because we have Trump, that won’t happen.

So while we have scored victory after victory we should take the time to remember good people in this world suffer under the leadership of liberals and globalists. Maybe one day they will have their own President Trump to save them from the elite 1% destroying their countries.


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