Obamacare repealed by congress, now it’s the senate’s turn by: Paul O’Brien

President Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare when he ran for President, citing rising premiums and inadequate healthcare under Obamacare. Millions cheered and watched as he attempted to repeal this unlawful policy not once but twice. Now it appears he has convinces Congress to pass the replacement plan. Passing the bill was a major accomplishment considering the opposition he faced. But he was successful and now the bill will head to the Senate where it’s fate will be decided.
This is where I get nervous as the Senate has Republicans who appear to be more Democrat than Republican. McCain and Graham are two I always worry about because it seems they would rather continue gouging the hardworking taxpayers so the donors and insurance companies continue donating large amounts of money to them and the Democrats.
Obamacare was passed at a time when Democrats held majority in both houses, but even then they were secretive and refused to tell Americans what was in the Obamacare bill. Nancy Pelosi famously declared that you would have to “pass the bill to see what is in the bill”. But Nancy Pelosi isn’t too happy right now. Not only does she forget who our President is, but she also forgets her party lost all power by passing Obamacare in the first place.
Democrats insist that the replacement plan will harm Americans. They continue crying about the 18 million Americans who receive healthcare now. About them… those Americans would have always received healthcare if they were low income. States used Medicare for people in that bracket. All Obamacare did was ensure people with pre-conditions received healthcare at a fair price. That part of Obamacare is included in the replacement, but Democrats still cry about it.
If the millions of Americans who have seen their premiums rise see relief then the replacement will be a success. It is those people who have suffered, forced to pay more for inferior insurance so that low income and people suffering from pre-existing conditions get it free or at cost. It was those Americans who turned out on Election Day and delivered a victory to President Trump. So as long as those Americans see their costs lower then Trump will have scored an impressive win.
The at left has tried to issue talking points that portray Trump as losing. So far he has quite a few victories. Illegal immigration is down, a million new jobs have been created, he lowered our national debt by 100 billion in his first two months in office, the border wall is on its way, conservatives took back Supreme Court, and now we have the first part of repealing Obamacare completed.
The 2018 elections have many Democrat senators up for reelection in states that Trump won so if he continues succeeding those senators may be replaced by Republicans who will work with him. My dream is that both Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Clair McCaskill in Missouri will be replaced. Both are liberal lunatics who were caught lying when trying to accuse Republicans of misdeeds. McCaskill flat out lied, telling Americans she had never met or spoken to anyone from Russia. But her own Twitter account came back to haunt her when screenshots of tweets she sent out about meetings with the Russian Ambassador surfaced. And we all remember the lies of Elizabeth Warren, pretending to be a minority in order to win a scholarship for minorities and then using Affirmative Action rules to ensure herself a job. When called out by Native Americans on her lie, the only thing she could say was that her mother told her she had high cheekbones.
I’ll end this column by reminding everyone that France has its own election for President coming up. Former President Obama decided to involve himself by endorsing the candidate welcoming Muslim refugees to France even after all of the terrorist attacks. This is not the first time Obama had tried to involve himself in foreign elections. He also tried to influence Israel’s election and threatened the UK when they were about to vote on whether they should leave the European Union. Seems funny that he would be outraged about Russia interfering in American elections. But then Obama has always been a do as I say, not as I do kind of guy.


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