Hillary says America is sexist… wasn’t it in ’08? By Paul O’Brien

I listen to the liberals and media pundits say that Hillary Clinton lost the election because America is sexist. They are outraged that she lost to a man and point out she received more votes than him. But then I think back to 2008 when she lost to Obama despite winning more votes than him. So why weren’t the liberals crying sexist back then? Why weren’t they writing letters to their daughters and crying over a glass ceiling not being shattered. Because let’s remember in 2008 America rejected both a female president and a female vice-president.
The answer to this is hidden in the liberal rhetoric which is quite easy to figure out. Liberals divide people into groups and these groups form a ladder. There are African Americans, women, gays, hispanics, Muslims and even the disabled are listed as a group when it became favorable to list them as victims. Liberals believe being a victim is equal to currency.
What’s interesting is how these groups evolve in terms of who is most important. In 2008 being mixed was more important than being a woman, but in 2016 Muslims are more important than African Americans or gays. By dividing these groups, Democrats control them. And by doing this, they also ignore them.
Take into account the Orlando attack this summer. Hillary Clinton gave a speech where she told the LGBT community to embrace and protect Muslims as if Muslims had been attacked. There was no rage over a community being attacked because she and the Democrats had already decided that Muslims are above gays. Just as they’d decided African Americans are above women.
What I love about Trump is that he treats all of these groups the same way. He seeks to protect them all, enrich them all and help them all. Because they are all Americans and to Trump, Americans come first no matter what color, gender or sexual orientation. He even includes American Muslims as we all realize Muslims have been victims of Muslim terrorists for hundreds of years.
The cast of Broadway hit (former hit) Hamilton decided to lecture Mike Pence, our elected Vice-president over these very groups. These liberal actors hate being included among Americans because Democrats have taught them they are above the others. So as they proudly declare non-whites as not wanted, they want to lecture an administration that has reached out to all of these groups with promises of protecting their lives and their rights.
Boycott Hamilton is now trending on social media along with the revelation that Kanye West supports Trump. His liberal fans shrieked and screamed in rage, but he refused to back down. Keep in mind that his fans loved when he interrupted people on stage or insulted others, but supporting the elected president is just not okay with them.
Hypocrisy in Democrats never amazes me because they outdo themselves every time. Hence calling Trump racist only to use racial slurs on minorities and gays who support him. They claim black lives matter but cry over not being able to abort a fully developed baby (of any color). They wonder why half of the country rejected their party?
Saturday Night Live is finally coming to terms with how ridiculous liberals are and now mocks them openly because the jokes are just too funny to pass up. I see other celebrities like Oprah and Gnarls Barkley coming out and saying to give out President a chance. This gives me hope. And I really hope that leaders in the Democrat party take a long, hard look at how they got this whole election so wrong. Give up on PC and being language police. Most Americans know the difference between hate speech and an honest opinion.
In closing, I will remind everyone reading this that we are all Americans. No one is better or worse than us. If you’re concerned your friend of neighbor is about to be deported then you must believe your friend or neighbor is a criminal. Trump has stated the only people at risk of being deported are the illegal immigrants who have come here and broken the law or have criminal records. I don’t feel sorry for those people. Building a wall isn’t racist or Mexico, China and Israel would be considered racist. We have borders for a reason and it’s time to protect them.
You had eight years to make things better. You failed. You put us more in debt, more out of work, more on government assistance and less owning homes. In short, let the grown ups back in charge to clean up your mess. If the country is sexist because Clinton didn’t win then it’s been sexist since 2008 because she didn’t win then either.


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