Colbert apologizes, Hillary battles Obama by: Paul O’Brien

Nothing better than watching Democrats turn on one another. In the past we have seen liberals turn on liberal celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Katy Perry for jokes that offended their delicate minds. But now Steve Colbert has been added to the list due to his trashing President Trump. Colbert used homophobic language in his latest attack on Trump, but his fans didn’t appreciate the language as it offended the LGBT community. I find that funny considering the party they are members of is funded by Sharia savages who slaughter gays, but whoever said liberals make sense?
So Colbert has decided to apologize for his words, using the excuse that Trump insulted a friend of his (who insulted Trump) so that should excuse his bad language. Then he whines about people loving each other and hopes Trump would agree before returning to his usual routine of hate and ignorance. Not once has Colbert condemned the alt left terrorist group Antifa who have been rioting worldwide, attacking innocent people. But he is quick to jump on someone who responds to an insult with an insult.
The problem with Colbert and other late night hosts is that they have become trapped in a bubble where everyone thinks like them. They host their shows from California or New York and forget that there are many other places in this great country of ours. They enjoy insulting the people who live in flyover states, treating them like they’re ignorant and talking down to them. That’s fine if they don’t care if people from those states boycott their shows, but if they think liberal audiences are loyal they may want to take a look at CNN, which used to be the #1 cable news network until they started pandering to liberals. Now they’re in 3rd place behind Fox and MSNBC, struggling to get even one million viewers in primetime.
The glory days of late night ended with Johnny Carson who trashed everyone. He was friends with Republicans and Democrats alike, giving neither special treatment. That’s the way it should be now, but it isn’t and I believe that is one more reason millions of conservatives and independents rallied behind Donald Trump.
If the backlash against Colbert wasn’t enough, more Democrat infighting has surfaced with Hillary Clinton and former President Obama battling over who should lead the now minority Democrat party. Clinton has even announced she is starting a super PAC to raise money for the causes she cares about and opposing our new President. In case she is suffering from amnesia due to another head injury she may want to remember all the donors in Wall Street didn’t help her win the election so anyone silly enough to donate to her is simply throwing money away.
It is obvious her “charity” The Clinton Foundation is not receiving as many donations now she has no power or influence in exchange for money. It was established of the money donated to the foundation she kept 90-95% of. Unless you count the 3 million dollars meant for Haiti that went to Chelsea’s wedding. I know anyone marrying her was being charitable but 3 million??
The infighting will be interesting as the 2018 mid-term elections have many Democrat senators up for reelection in states Trump won. The more Hillary helps these senators the better chance we have of replacing them. So I encourage Clinton to continue trying to help.
Meanwhile Obama resurfacing after his 400,000 payday from Wall Street for a speech is only fitting as we have a current President who gave up a 400,000 salary to charity. His actions inspired Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas to criticize him despite taking money from unsavory recipients herself. Many will be surprised to know that Pocahontas and Obama were never friendly. She criticized him often and it was well known in the Oval Office that he found her to be incompetent. I learned this from insiders quoted for the book Shattered.


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