Tomi Lahren exposes hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle by: Paul O’Brien

Tomi Lahren is one of the hottest new political commentators in conservative media. At just 24 years-old she had become a household name with her position at Glen Becks The Blaze where she takes on issues ranging from gun control to Beyonce. As her star continues to rise she has become an invited guest on not just Fox News, but liberal talk shows such as The View and The Daily Show.
But it was because of her appearance on the View that Tomi now finds herself suspended from The Blaze. Did she threaten someone’s life or go on a profanity filled rant like pundits on CNN? No, she simply gave her opinion on a controversial and sensitive subject; abortion. When asked her thoughts on abortion, Tomi explained she is pro-choice due to her belief in limited government. She did not endorse abortion or even praise it. She simply explained she would feel like a hypocrite if she told the government to stay away from her gun, but not her body.
Apparently being a pro-choice conservative has angered some in her base, including her boss Glen Beck, known for his conspiracy theories and opposition to President Trump. But to suspend her for expressing her opinion? Glen Beck has officially become a liberal because I only seem to see liberals punishing or censoring someone for not sharing their opinion on something.
For the record, I am pro-life. I used to consider myself pro-choice because I felt a woman should have the right to choose. But the older I get the more I oppose the idea. I can understand if the mother was raped and is suffering trauma, but I cannot shake the belief that the child conceived is innocent and could bring much love and happiness to a woman who cannot have children. But just because I am pro-life does not mean I oppose anyone with a different view. I will disagree with them and share my thoughts on why I feel the way I do, but I would never punish or silence someone for not agreeing.
This got me thinking about my own views. I am a conservative but I am pretty liberal (classic definition of liberal, not the redefined version by the alt left who hijacked the word) on issues such as gay marriage. I support gay marriage even though I don’t believe in marriage. Meaning that I don’t want to get married. I say this because I don’t want the government having anything to do with my personal relationship. I know some conservatives are against gay marriage. I would hope they wouldn’t wish to silence me because we disagree.
Glen Beck should really be grateful for Tomi. She has brought millions of people to The Blaze, earning him money and viewers. But this is the same man who was willing to risk a Hillary Clinton presidency because HE didn’t like the GOP candidate. He cares only about himself and my guess is that he knows once Tomi’s contract renewal is raised in September that she will more than likely leave, due to her increasing popularity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on Fox News in her own talk show. Perhaps Glen is cushioning the blow to his company by suspending her now so that when she leaves it will look as though she was let go.
But this is an ugly side to conservatism. It is also dangerously close to what liberalism has become. If you enjoyed Tomi before you knew her pro-life stance (which she never flaunted and the only reason we know is because she was asked) and refuse to watch her now because of that, what makes you any different from the liberals trying to silence us? We finally have a young, intelligent conservative woman who is engaging the other side and letting them see we are not racist, homophobic bigots. I’m not willing to throw the success she’s had away on a difference of opinion. Are you?

Luckily for those not willing to throw away an important voice, Tomi was successful in her lawsuit for wrongful termination against The Blaze and Glenn Beck. Not only has she been released from her contract so she can find employment anywhere she wishes, but she also retains her social media accounts and all of the videos she recorded while at The Blaze.

I imagine we will be seeing Tomi over on Fox News very soon. After losing Bill O’Reilly they need someone to bring angry conservatives back to their network. People have wanted her there for over a year, believing she to be a better voice than that of Megyn Kelly, who also left Fox News this year. Maybe Tomi can revitalize Fox as the only assets it has right now are Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Janine and Fox and Friends.


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