Hillary gives first interview since election loss by: Paul O’Brien

Hillary Clinton is back… again! Giving her first interview since losing her second election, it appears not much has changed in Clinton World.

Poor Hillary Clinton is in denial. Still blaming Russia and FBI for her loss in the election without explaining how either forced her not to campaign in Wisconsin. I don’t recall either forcing people not to attend her rallies either, hence why she needed to bring celebrities just to compete with the 40,000 showing up to see Donald Trump.

She likes to brag about the 2.9 million more votes she received than Trump, but if she was really proud of that she would show proof that that no illegal immigrants voted. Democrats insist Trump has no proof they voted but they have no proof they DIDN’T vote. And it looks very suspicious when California refuses to allow their votes to be audited.

Hillary also claims to be a member of the Resistance which Antifa, the alt left terrorist group, claims to be part of. Her sore loser attitude is reflected in her interview. Instead of calling for the country to unite she encourages the divide. This is another reason we are lucky she lost.

For years the Clintons have punished anyone who speaks out against them. Using the IRS to audit women who accused Bill Clinton of harrassment, firing the entire White House travel staff, creating the birther movement by giving her approval for her campaign to send out pictures of Obama in Muslim attire and questioning his birthplace.

Hillary is angry because now she has no power all donations to Clinton Foundation, which she kept 90-95% of, have stopped. Guess the “charity” was only worthy of Saudi Arabia money when she could offer them political favors in return.

The interview she gave could have been epic had the journalist asked hard questions. Maybe asking if her taking money from Sharia savages could have cost her gay voters or if her involvement in Haiti cost her black voters. Instead it was a fluff interview. My guess is she will be giving more in time for the 2018 elections.

Wonder if those elections will be rigged like the last Primary. At the very least CNN can rig another debate for their favorite by giving them questions in advance like they did with Hillary.

Hillary Clinton lost because she alienated too many people. She was a liar and millions of Americans did not trust her or believe anything she said. She proved herself to be careless and above the law which only reminded people why they dislike her so much.

The interview could have been fascinating had the questions people want the answers to been asked. I would have loved to hear from her when she knew she lost, what it felt like to know Trump destroyed her blue wall and what did she promise the donors for all the money she spent trashing Trump.

We may never get the answers from her, but between the books Game of Thorns and Shattered I have learned that at least one member of the Clinton Campaign knew Hillary would lose at least a week before the election and that is why the fireworks show she ordered was canceled.

I also learned her reaction to losing was violent with glasses being thrown, John Podesta and Robby Mook both physically attacked, lots of obscenities shouted and finally sedatives administered to calm her down which is why she didn’t go to the Javitz Center to speak to her supporters who had been waiting on her for hours.

Some may find sympathy for Clinton. So close to getting the power she had craved since her days as First Lady of Arkansas. I am not one of those people. Hillary is wealthy beyond belief despite doing nothing to earn her wealth. She put our country at great risk with her careless, reckless behavior and she is responsible for the deaths of at least four Americans killed in Benghazi. Her involvement in the Arab Spring led to more than three countries in the Middle East being destabilized. And for what?

Because she and Obama didn’t like the leaders of these countries and they were willing to give terrorists money and weapons. Those terrorists then turned on us in Lybia, took Iraq from its people and was until recently trying to take control of Syria. That is Clinton’s legacy!

But for me, a gay man in Tennessee, her legacy is more sinister. It is the legacy of a woman so greedy for power that she would take millions of dollars from Sharia savages who slaughter gays, oppress women, enslave Africans and rape children. She would be the biggest hypocrite in politics that I had ever seen or studied.

Thank God patriotic Americans refused to give her what she wanted. Thank God for Donald Trump, the only man who could survive the attacks by his own party, the Democrats, the media, academia, Wall Street, Hollywood and the big banks. Anyone else would have quit or caved in under the pressure. But Trump was fighting for us and we won.

One day there will be a female President of the United States. She will be a strong, wise and powerful leader who will represent all Americans. But it won’t be Hillary Clinton. Thank God!



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