Never has there been a first 100 days of a presidency more scrutinized than Donald Trump’s, nor will you see such a wide-range of grades. In a recent morning consult poll 39% of Americans voted Trump an A/B and 37% rating him as a D/F. The vote was very much along party lines with only 4% of Clinton voters giving Trump an A and only 1% of Trump voters giving him a F. With all this bias we’re gonna try to grade him as independently as possible.

The biggest pro for Trump is the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. This was a major campaign promise for Trump and having Gorsuch confirmed will leave his mark for long after his presidency. Also wins for Trump are the lifting of restrictions from the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, both which were stifled by the Obama administration. The pipelines would create an estimated 30,000 temporary construction jobs as well as around 850 permanent ones and according to the Canadian Energy Research Institute, pipeline operations, just from the keystone pipeline, would create 179,000 American jobs by the year 2035. Also states would see a huge influx in taxes with North Dakota estimated to receive $135 million a year in tax sales. Staying on the subject of jobs, the jobs reports from his first 2 months have both smashed expectations and consumer confidence is polling at a new high. The stock market has also reacted well to the Trump presidency, hitting an all-time high. While the wall hasn’t gotten funding yet, illegal border crossings are down a staggering 40% and Trump ended the controversial “catch & release” program. Also passed by Trump was a flurry of executive actions that ended many Obama era regulations and laws, as well as one that calls for a removal of 2 regulations for every regulation put in place. In the foreign policy realm Trump backed the US out of the highly unpopular TPP. He also showed that he can be a strong, decisive leader with airstrikes in Syria and Afghanistan (read our assessment of these attacks (Hereand Here ).
There has been 2 major cons to Trump’s presidency so far. First was the poorly rolled out immigration ban. Both the first ban and the 2nd watered down one were blocked by the courts. This was a big campaign promise for Trump and while he can’t control the courts the ban itself was poorly implemented and divided the country further against itself. The other big con was the healthcare fiasco. While the fight to replace obamacare is far from over the republicans first attempt was a fiasco. This could be blamed on the establishment republicans in the house (check out our story on it Here ) but at the end of the day this is Trump’s show and he’s gotta take responsibility for the good and the bad.


Trump has managed to unload a lot of Obama era baggage in his first 100 days and he’s gotta get credit for that. He’s used executive actions to help businesses and deregulate the government and the economy has reacted accordingly. What’s holding him back from an A is the failures on the immigration ban and Obamacare though those won’t drag him lower than a B because they were stalled with elements not in his control. Also holding him back are questions on other campaign promises such as the wall and school choice. All in all Trump is doing a really solid job of delivering on campaign promises even despite tremendous distractions from the media and political opponents.


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