After a 3 year wait Brad Paisley has finally released his long awaited album Love and War. The 16 song album is full of surprises and guest collaborators. His album features John Fogerty, Mick Jagger, Bill Anderson and even Timbaland. Like his collaborators, Paisley’s songs are all over the place. He gets somber on songs like “Last Time For Everything” and “The Devil is Alive and Well” but then couples that with the comedic and campy “A Grey Goose Chase” and “Selfie#theinternetisforever”. Even more bizarre is his song “Solar Power Girl” which mixes a somber story of a girl from an abused home and Timbaland singing “Blind me witcha neon lights” in the background. Paisley also makes a social statement with his title song “Love and War” which shows a blistering reality check on how some veterans are treated in this country saying in the refrain “They send you off to die for us, forget about you when you don’t”. Paisley is no stranger to social statements though, remember his song “Accidental Racist” from his last album? “Heaven South” opens and closes the album it and is probably the best song on it. Throughout the album Paisley shows off his guitar chops which is one of the best in the game, right up there with Keith Urban and Vince Gill. All in all this is the most “Brad Paisley” Paisley album yet and whether you like him or not you gotta respect Brad Paisley for being Brad Paisley.


Heaven South– Good southern pride song that is pure Paisley, almost like “Southern Comfort Zone” Will definitely get tons of radio play.
Last Time for Everything– Somber remembrance song that really makes you think back on good times and even throws in a Prince reference for good measure. Definitely another to watch out for lots of radio play.
One Beer Can– First comedic song on the album, tells the story of a boy who threw a party, got caught and ruined his summer.
Go to Bed Early– A great melody highlights this song about a girl looking too good to go out. Has a “gettin you home” by Chris Young feel to it.
Drive of Shame– A rockin song featuring Mick Jagger this is a honky tonk song about waking up after a long night with a honky tonking woman and getting kicked out of bed to take the aforementioned “drive of shame”

Contact High– A new take at love at first sight with a marijuana leaning.
Love and War– This is a bone chilling song that describes the hardships of veterans that return home saying “they ship you off to fight for us, forget about you when you don’t”. Paisley gets help on this with CCR frontman John Fogerty
Today– This song is all about living in the moment, enjoying the present and not looking ahead. We could see some radio mileage on this one as well.
Selfie#theInternetisforever– A comedy on the same stroke as “Online” Paisley pokes fun at selfie takers worldwide

Grey Goose chase– The first song featuring Timbaland “Grey G

Gold All Over the Ground– A slower love song that gets us back on the serious track after 2 comedy songs.
Dying to See Her– A former Johnny Cash poem turned into song about guy who lost his wife, kinda like previous Paisley songs “Waiting On a Woman” and “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Solar Power Girl– what starts off singing about a girl getting away from an abusive father and broken home gets weird with Timbaland singing blind me witcha neon lights in the background
The Devil is Alive and Well– A real somber song starts out with the piano in the beginning and has a little gospel in it saying “some of the worst things are done in God’s name be wary of anything that isn’t based in love because God is love”
Meaning again– A song about a man who feels down in the dumps when his wife isn’t around but when he sees her she’s able to give his life meaning again.

Heaven South (reprise)– A toned down, shorter, acoustic version of the opening song.


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