Liberal media political bias (especially against presidents of the opposite political leaning) is nothing new. What is new is the veracity and nasty intent of the reporting that is going and has been going on through this election and post election year. Vicious attacks on President Trump and his family, misleading if not straight up lying headlines on the front page, and “breaking news” based on probabilities and rumors but reported as fact has become the new norm. In this series we will look through examples of extreme media bias, the cause of this extremism and how it’s impacting our world today.

In the past few segments we have shown you example after example of extreme media bias, but what is the result of this? Well for one viewership is way down with CNN and MSNBC ratings in a virtual free fall since the election while Fox News has seen a steady increase.
It’s their blind hatred for Trump by these leftist networks that has ruined their credibility and killed their trust from viewers. A gallup poll(see below) shows that a record low of only 32% of Americans trust mass media.



With trust in the mainstream media being at an all time low many people have turned to social media as their new form of getting the news. Donald Trump relied (and still does rely) on twitter heavily during his campaign to spread his message instead of doing the normal interviews with mainstream media. Trumps tweets and his successes with them captivated a lot of people to take to twitter and begin to start their own anti-mainstream news.

One of these people is Charlotte, North Carolina native Bill Mitchell. Bill is a staunch Trump supporter who has rode the Trump train to social media stardom. When Trump announced his candidacy Mitchell could count his followers by the dozens but now is followed by over 210 thousand people and has received over 5 million views on his tweets. For those who are disenfranchised by the mainstream news, people like Bill are a fresh new take on the news that they can relate too. Also taking advantage of people’s lack of trust in mainstream media are right wing sites like Breitbart and Infowars. While viewership in MSM sites are down, viewership at Infowars is up 20% since last year.

So where does this leave us? Right now there is a huge difference on where people get their news and the slant on it. This is only going to deepen the already deep divide between the left and right in America. What we need is for news organizations to put their petty differences aside and focus on reporting the news as it is, not how they want it to be.



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