We’ve heard a lot of talk about ISIS, but who are they and where did they come from? Their origins actually took place amid the Syrian Civil War, which has since morphed into a cluster of nations getting involved to protect their allies or their own “national interests”. So, who exactly is involved in this massive Syrian conflict?

1. Assad (Syrian leader)
2. Syrian Rebels (FSA, extremists, jihadists, moderates and many more factions and alliances)
3. Kurds (opposes ISIS and Assad)
4. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(a group born among the extremists among the rebels in early 2014, that oppose many parties and ideologies))
5. Russia (supports Assad, opposes ISIS)
6. Iran (allied with Assad and Hezbollah)
7. Hezbollah (Lebanese militia supported by Iran that supports Assad)
8. Kurds (Syrians that left the Syrian state that oppose Assad and ISIS)
9. USA (opposes ISIS, Assad?)
10.Jordan (opposes Assad, supports rebels)
11.Turkey (USA ally that attacked only the Kurds)
12.Israel (USA ally that opposes Assad)
13.Saudi Arabia (supports the rebels)

This is just a preliminary list of groups/countries that I’ve discovered in my research thus far. The relationships of allies/enemies criss crosses back and forth through all these armies. If we were to break down whose side these are all on, it would look like this-

Assad allies

Assad Enemies
-Syrian Rebels

Rebel Allies
-Saudi Arabia

Rebel Enemies
Not all of these armies are currently attacking/defending for the side listed, but at some point, have opposed or supported that side. In my next report, I’ll go more in depth of the timeline of major events in Syria. I’ll also begin researching what each countries background is and why they may have got involved in this ongoing military conflict.
Hoping to keep my audience properly informed,

-Great video on the major players and basic timeline of events

-Hidden cam in Raqqa, Syria (ISIS)


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