On April 13th, exactly one week after the USA launched missiles at a Syrian airbase, the USA military drops a massive bomb on the mountains of Afghanistan in an effort to destroy hidden tunnels and bases used by ISIS.The bomb called MOAB, is the largest non-nuclear bomb in existence in the world and this is the first time it’s been used in combat. The strike killed at least 94ISIS militants and destroyed a huge complex of caves and tunnels used by ISIS which will hinder ISIS movements in the area dramatically.
Why did the US choose to use the MOAB for this strike? The same could’ve been accomplished with 12 1,000 pound bombs, but this mission was about more than that. This mission sends a statement to ISIS, to the Taliban, to North Korea and
everyone else that there’s a new sheriff in town and this administration is not going to lay down like the previous one. If we just dropped a bunch of smaller bombs this would be a non-story, just another air strike among other air strikes but instead Trump uses the MOAB and totally changes the dynamic. Since he used the MOAB it automatically becomes a major headline and every leader around the world sees it and knows that America is back on top, especially since he coupled this with the air strikes in Syria last week.

The mission was extremely successful killing almost 100 ISIS militants and destroying 3 tunnels used heavily by ISIS to move throughout the region. This region of Afghanistan has long been on the US radar as a hotbed of ISIS and other insurgencies. These tunnels were used to kill a US service member last week and destroying them severely limits ISIS movements in this region. This is especially important with this upcoming spring expected to be highly active. Another take away from this is that the commander in Afghanistan didn’t have to communicate back with Washington, wasting precious time, to use this bomb which show to everyone that the President has the utmost confidence in our military and isn’t afraid to use it to destroy our enemies. Already we’ve seen the results of this with China holding back oil shipments to North Korea and threatening “unprecedented ferocity” if the regime doesn’t reign in their nuclear ambitions.


first paragraph by- kamehamedoukenn


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