The Trump Train by: kamehamedoukenn

Hello readers, thanks for being a part of the fight to educate our fellow man by reading and sharing! It’s my goal to share what’s happening in the world with journalistic integrity, citing all my sources ranging from conservative to liberal to in the middle, heck even MSM when the situation calls for it. This article will be the introduction to a series I’ll be working on, in which I’ll be investigating the Syrian conflict from it’s beginning. All the major players that have been involved, all the major incidents, all the factions in each country that’s involved and all in a timeline format. It’s come to my attention that much like the bible says, “the people perish for lack of knowledge”, many of us don’t know a whole lot about what’s happening in Syria. I hope you join me in my journey to the heart of the matter.

The Trump Train has been fueled by many bold claims from now President Donald Trump, as well as the enthusiasm and hope of many Americans who have gotten so feverishly behind this presidential candidate. His rallies were very moving and ignited hope inside me that I’d not had for America in some time. His populist/nationalist message rang true among many Americans, which propelled him to 306 electoral votes in a stunning victory. The battle was long fought by many in social media as we campaigned on his behalf, spreading the truth of his agenda and challenging the lies and confusion cast by his adversaries. For many of us, we’ve gotten very much involved and even have an emotional and personal stake in his Presidency. What has happened this first week of April, however, has shook the Trump base to its core

On April 4th it was reported that there was a serious gas attack launched by Syrian planes in Idlib, Syria. Video footage and pictures of men, women and children from the attack began flooding the internet on social media. This sort of attack was considered crossing a red line that previous President Barack Obama drew in regards to the Syrian war. Now it’s at this point that the Trump Base gets divided. Many Trump supporters, based off reports, believe that previous gas attacks which were reported as done by Assad’s regime, were in fact, done by the rebel army. Also, President Trump ran on the premise of not getting involved in foreign wars. After the gas attack, many loyal Trump supporters pleaded for him to not get involved and to wait for evidence on who was responsible before acting. On the evening of April 6th, President Trump had the US military fire at the air base that the supposed plane came from that launched the gas attack.

With the USA strike on Syria, the Trump base is split in many pieces, whether you believe that Assad was responsible, whether you be anti war, whether you believe it could have been the rebels in a false flag attempt, or just the fact that it seems that President Trump has abandoned his base for a more militaristic globalist agenda. Naturally, it sent shockwaves across the base, but what’s more disheartening is to see my fellow deplorables at each others throats over this. We have well respected journalists making large claims based off of minimal information, as well as social media heavy hitters getting upset and influencing their audience with their conjecture. I’ll admit, I too am guilty of jumping to conclusions in this, but I’ll save my opinion for my upcoming breakdown of the Syrian conflict over the years

When Donald Trump came on the scene, his base chose to back him, because he made us believe again. He embodied much that we wanted in a President (minus some debatable, some non debatable flaws), and we believed in him. We put this man on a pedestal that no man can hope to live up to and when things seem to go sideways, it’s natural to become very upset and feel betrayed. We make snap judgements based off of partial info, and sometimes without knowing, misinfo. Folks, there’s no denying that there is a LOT on the line domestically as well as abroad, but I implore you, don’t let fear overwhelm your trust you’ve cast on this man. I’m aware now, that before I got involved in politics, I knew nothing of this world in comparison to what is on my plate now. With that being said, there may be more at play here than we have the info to rightfully understand, and the only way we could, is if President Trump revealed his hand to his enemies, as well as us.

President Trump is a man, who through many unexpected victories, has become leader of the free world, but first and foremost, the USA. We boldly support him, but we must also boldly question him as well. Being shocked by the Syrian Strike scared most of us, but questioning things is good. It does not mean we don’t support him wholeheartedly, it just means that the honeymoon of his win must now be followed by sober and loyal trust. To those of you who believe Assad did it, those of you that think the rebels did it, and those of you just upset that he seemingly is siding with establishment Republicans as well as his Democrat opponents- He has already followed through on more of his promises in the first 100 days than most if not all Presidents did in a YEAR or longer. Don’t give up on President Trump just yet. He still has MANY tricks up his sleeve. Let’s see how the USA, Russia, and Syria handle this in the coming days and weeks.

Never forget “The Art of the Deal”


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