Last night President Trump ordered air strikes on a Syrian airfield in response to the chemical attack perpetrated by Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad. The attack killed over 100 people with most being innocent civilians. 59 tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at a Syrian airfield in Homs, which is believed to be the airfield where the chemical attack originated from. Here are 3 take aways from the attack.

Hopefully this strike will put to bed the ridiculous thoughts on the Trump & Russia collision theory. There’s no way that Trump would’ve ordered the attack if in bed with the Russians since they are big backers of the Assad regime. This proves to Russia and the world that Trump will not be Putin’s playtoy and is willing to stands up against Russia.
This was a big moment for Trump as he showed that he is ready to step up to the big stage. He proved with this attack that he is the leader of the free world and that America isn’t going anywhere. Response from the international community was deafening with everyone approving of the strike. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the EU, Canada and others all applauded the bombings as an adequate answer to the chemical attacks.

One of the biggest side stories to this is attack is the effect it has in North Korea. This strong response by Trump shows he isn’t weak like Obama and is willing to use US military force of necessary. The effects of this attack won’t be realized though unless the US keeps up efforts on attacking Assad. There is evidence pointing towards this not being a one-time attack with Secretary of State Tillerson saying yesterday before the attack that “steps were underway to remove Assad”. The keywords there are remove Assad, insinuating that there will be further efforts than just one air strike to remove the dictator. This strong response will show North Korea that we aren’t playing around anymore and that we are willing to use military force to remove them from power if need be.


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