Liberal media political bias (especially against presidents of the opposite political leaning) is nothing new. What is new is the cruel and nasty intent of the reporting that is going on and has been going on through this election and post election year. Vicious attacks on President Trump and his family, misleading if not straight up lying headlines on the front page, and “breaking news” based on probabilities and rumors but reported as fact has become the new norm. In this series we will look through examples of extreme media bias, the cause of this extremism and how it’s impacting our world today.
November 19, 2014, Rolling Stones publishes an article titled “A Rape on a Campus”. The article which was based on the false testimony of a UVA student who chose not to identify herself, nor her attackers (red flag anyone??) attacks and slanders UVA fraternities and causes the suspension of all Fraternities and sororities on the UVA campus. In no time the story went viral, it was on the front page of every major news channel and newspaper, and the main topic of every nightly show. The members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, where the rape allegedly occurred, went into hiding for fear of their lives. Their house was vandalized with spray paint calling them rapists, bricks were thrown through their windows, and they received numerous death threats. Within a few weeks questions arose about the accuracy of the story and the standard of reporting that was done on the story. Soon the story was revealed as a hoax but the harm had been done and reputations had been forever sullied.

Contrast this to the Maryland rape case that just occurred where two illegal immigrants raped a fourteen year old girl(why they were even in the position to do so is an argument for another time). It was a long time before this was picked up anywhere even locally before Fox News ran a segment on it. Even then it was nowhere to be found on CNN or MSNBC except for an article or two hidden deep in the website , and even then they’re mostly focused on finding flaws in the case or cautioning overreaction than showing support for the victim(which is all they did for the UVA case). The nightly news channels of CBS and ABC also didn’t report on it spending a combined 0 minutes talking about the case. On top of all this a reporter for CNN actually spoke out against Fox for covering this case stating they only did it fit their political agenda and tried to trivialize the event.

Why this discrepancy in coverage? Well for one there’s race and social standing to consider to consider. The accused rapists in the UVA case were supposedly wealthy white boys while the Maryland case perpetrators are latino illegal immigrants. Why does the race and social standing matter? Well it’s easy to hate on the “wealthy white boys” who get everything in life but that’s not the only reason. As we all know the mainstream media has a longstanding war with President Trump and with his anti-illegal immigration stance it’s no wonder that this story isn’t getting picked up. Here once again lies the problem. The media is so concerned with payback and getting even and destroying Trump, that they’re bypassing real stories and sweeping them under the rug just for the sole reason of not wanting to make Trump and his policies look good


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