The failure to pass the AHCA bill is surely a devastating blow to the Republicans and Trump right now, but it’s not exactly what you might think. In the long term this could turn out very well for Trump if he plays his cards right and I think he’s been planning this all along. Trumps main calling is as a great negotiator and I just don’t see that he would let this deal fall through unless he wanted it to.

Let’s look at the details. This whole bill was conducted and written by Paul Ryan, this was his healthcare bill not Trumps. In order for Trump to pass his healthcare bill he needs support from two out of these three factions. The democrats, the establishment republicans and the freedom caucus. First Trump let’s the establishment republicans AKA Paul Ryan give it a go knowing they will fail, making them much more willing to negotiate the 2nd time around. Next he is going to let Obamacare continue plundering on until it explodes, bringing the democrats to the negotiating table. Next he can either call out the freedom caucus for blocking the first billable yet to bring them to the table to negotiate or just ignore them completely because he won’t need them if he has the other two.

Now he has all three or two factions at the table willing to negotiate, which is what Trump does best, and he will have the healthcare plan he wants in place in no time. Does this seem far fetched to some? Only to those who don’t know trump or have faith in our president, but I for one do. It’s not just me either, other leading Trump believers like Bill Mitchell have stated the same thing. Regardless of what you believe this will be the biggest test of Trumps presidency and only time will tell if he sinks or swims.


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