Nick Alligood Interview

What got you interested in country music? This question seems to spark some interest every time I am asked in an interview. I have always listened to an insane range of genres and styles of music. I was really big into rock/metal when I was younger and always thought i would end up somewhere in the genre but as i began learning about the country genre and songwriting, its fascinated me. Country tells vivid stories that you can follow and i quickly became very fond of it, and began learning how to adapt to the genre!

What are the struggles of trying to make it in the country music world? Anyone in music will probably give you the same answer. Just struggling with finding YOUR sound, and rejection. Musicians deal with more day-to-day rejection that most people deal with in a life time. Its a very time demanding career but there’s nothing quite like it!

Where do you find your inspiration? Literally everywhere and from anything. Kinda vague, i know. But 100% the truth

What’s the most memorable moment so far in your career? The first time i heard my music play on a national broadcasted radio station. Knowing that 10’s of thousands of people were listening to my voice, my words, at that exact moment. Mind blowing. that’s the only way i can describe it.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve gotten a chance to work with? every one who played on my album. We had some huge players that you hear everyday on the radio. as far as writing goes, id say Frank Meyers, he wrote “Tomorrow” by Chris Young and “From My Front Porch Looking In” by Lonestar

What’s your song writing process? Really just depends on who I am writing with. If it’s some one i regularly write with, we just walk in with an idea and knock it out. If it is someone new, i typically spend time talking and getting to know them, then brainstorm, and push something out!

What’s coming up from you and what can Nick Alligood fans look forward to in the future? I am currently in the process of recording my new album! So excited to release it! Also i have some of my songs that will be released by some major label artists this year as well! So that’s exciting! Everyone just keep up to date with my tour schedule and catch a show!


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