Riley Green Interview

So what got you started singing country music and to pursue a career in it?

I’ve always liked music. Old country like Merle haggard and Johnny cash.. My granddaddy Buford was a big influence on me learning how to play and he used to bribe me with money to sing because I wouldn’t ever sing in front of anybody. After I started writing songs and playing out in local bars, I started to gain a following and realized there might be a future in it for me

So coming from Alabama I gotta ask are you a Bama or Auburn fan?

War eagle!!

What are your thoughts/predictions on the upcoming Auburn football season?

Oh that’s a tough one.. They really need a quarterback. I’d be happy if they won 4 or 5 in the SEC, but as long as they beat Bama it don’t matter

Lately Whiskey Riff has wrote a few articles about how you’re every country girls dream what are your thoughts on that?

Lol I feel like any publicity is good publicity at this point. Definitely doesn’t hurt

So is there a Mrs. Riley Green right now or are you still country musics most eligible bachelor?

Haha it’s tough to keep a girlfriend when u travel like I do.. especially during turkey season.

Any memorable hunting/fishing experiences?

Oh yea. Anytime I get in the woods is memorable for me. Taking my dad duck hunting in Arkansas a couple years back was one that stands out. Had a big time and killed a lot of ducks

What about on spring break?

Most of those I can’t remember. Lol

Speaking of hunting can you tell us about your back 40 bash property and concert that you do?

Yea it’s a big field we’ve always called the back 40 and we decided to do a concert so we sawed some lumber and built a stage and started advertising and had 1400 show up the first year and it’s grown from there… had right at 2500 last year… this year we are gonna do it in the fall.
What are your thoughts on the traditional vs bro country beef that’s been going on?

I ain’t mad at anybody for trying to make a living playing music.. (no matter what kind) but that doesn’t mean I gotta listen to it. lol I’m a traditional country guy. Just how I was brought up.

If you were on a fishing trip and you could bring any 3 people dead or alive with you who would they be?

Although it would be cool to say somebody famous.. I’d prob go with both my grandaddys and my pops. I always enjoyed hunting and fishing with the guys that showed me how.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had yet while performing?

Selling out Iron City in Birmingham last year was very cool. Never even dreamed I’d get to play a big venue like that.. much less sell it out.

You recently came out with a new single “Georgia Time” can you tell us about it?

It’s a song about a girl I met in Panama City when I was in college and we stayed in touch but she was dating a guy from Georgia the whole time. “She’s all Alabama but she’s stuck on Georgia time” came from the fact that only people in Alabama call eastern time Georgia time.

So can we expect an album to be released coming up or do you have plans to release any more music soon?

My new EP which I’m going to record next week will be out in April.

Can you tell us about your songwriting process?

I have aways I enjoyed written songs about stuff I know about… so naturally I have songs about drinkin, chasing girls, hunting and Alabama lol.

If you could tour with any current country artist who would it be?

Jon Pardi has been on my playlist a lot lately… him and Eric church both have a very different sound.. I like that


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