img_0356Born and raised in Southern Sky’s home state of North Carolina, Luke Combs is as country as it gets. He has a deep baritone voice that bellows through your radio, but also has a soft touch that can touch your heart. Combs grew up playing football and singing in local groups in high school, but it wasn’t till his college days at Appalachian State that he really started getting serious and learned to play the guitar. Luke definitely has the outlaw look to him and he backs it up on his songs “Can I get an Outlaw” and the humorous “Sheriff You Want to”. Combs also shows a softer side in his song “She’s got the Best of Me” where he dwells on young love and giving his all to a girl, but eventually getting his heart broke. His new single “Hurricane” is a boot stomper that reached the top 10 on the iTunes country chart and has received over 29 million plays on Spotify. If Combs can keep his hot streak up he’ll be the country’s next star badass in no time.


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