What if I told you that you could only shop in stores in a government mandated district based off of your zip code?  Doesn’t make sense does it? Then why do we have that exact same policy in place to decide what schools we can send our children to? School districts have been around for ages but as technology and means of transportation improve we must adapt and use these improvements to our advantage. No longer should a child’s future be determined by his zip code. If parents want to send their children to a school that may not be in their designated district, they should have every right to do that to give their child the best education they can. Also intertwined with school choice is the use of vouchers and voucher programs. These voucher programs would allow parents to use the money they would have spent on taxes, to fund the public school system, to use towards paying tuition at a private school if they so choose. The use of vouchers, also helps parents whose children already attend private school, since they will no longer have to pay twice for their child’s tuition (the tuition of the school and taxes for public schools). There are already 3 major school choice/voucher programs across the country in Milwaukee, Washington D.C, and Cleveland, that have been very successful. Opponents say that this movement of kids and reinvestment of funds will cause school closings but that is what the free market is all about. The bad schools just like the bad stores will close down or shrink in size but there will be other, better schools to take its place. The next step for these programs is to implement them on the national level so we can empower parents to make the best choice for their children. The future of school choice and voucher programs look bright with both president Trump and education secretary Betsy Devos both being huge proponents of these programs.


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