With all the noise and pop in country now a days there’s something refreshing about hearing a song filled with nothing but “3 chords and the truth” and that’s exactly what you get from country music’s best kept secret Riley Green. The Alabama native released his first EP “Riley Green’ in 2013 then went on to win season 5 of CMT’s Redneck Island before releasing his second and his newest EP “County Line” in 2015.

The epitome of a southern country boy, Riley can often be found fishing in the Ohatchee River in Alabama or hunting at his camp in Arkansas when he’s not strumming on his six-string. Riley loves his home state of Alabama and isn’t afraid to show it in his music. He often references cities, roads and landmarks from the state in his songs and if his hit, and my personally favorite song ever, “Bury Me in Dixie” isn’t already the official song of Alabama it needs to be. Riley also sings about the struggles between wanting to raise hell and staying on the right path. His songs “A Little Hank” and “Almost” delves into this conundrum and the issues it causes saying in “A Little Hank” “what’s wrong with a little bit of ruckus if I make it to Sunday service” while his song “Almost “ talks about a man and his unsuccessful fight to quit drinking. Riley also sheds light on the loneliness a solo artist like him faces while travelling with his songs “North on 21” and “All along”.

His down home voice along with his genuine lyrics and use of acoustics in his songs really separate Riley from his peers and make him into the epitome of traditional country and one of my favorite artists. We expect big things from this all-American southern boy in the future and if you haven’t heard him yet I suggest you stop everything you’re doing and give him a listen right now. Yes he’s that good.

Best songs: Bury me in Dixie

Little Hank


North on 21

All along

Chasing this drunk



  1. We’ve seen you live twice now! Top trails in Talladega and in auburn! Love to hear your voice and the pure country music! Trying to get the money together to see you at iron city in Birmingham in march!

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  2. Love you Riley you have come a long way my friend i am so proud to be there from the start you was great then and you are awsome now i am so proud of you …i love the back 40 bash and hope i never miss one. .i will always charish my pictures of us together..


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