A Thank you note to UC Berkeley protestors

Absolute disbelief, that’s what was running through my head after I watched clip after clip of you “protestors” set fires, destroy your own campus and beat, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness, anyone with a view that opposed your own.  There was the video of the woman who got peppered sprayed in the face while giving an interview to a news crew, another showed protestors beating people with metal poles until they laid unconscious on the ground, and yet another saw a lady get punched in the face for no reason at all except for the fact she didn’t have the same political view as her attacker. I was appalled and angry but then I stopped and thought about how this is really a victory for the right. When you do this, when you riot in the streets and vandalize buildings and attack right wing supporters, you’re actually helping the right. You reinforce everything that is so wrong and hypocritical about the left and you do it on national TV. Each time this happens more and more people become alienated by the left and come over to the right.  The best thing about it, is that it seems almost daily that the hypocrisy from the left keeps hitting new extremes. You still preach “peace” and “acceptance” but resort to violence anytime someone challenges your beliefs and you still don’t get how much this hypocrisy is hurting you. You liberals were claiming to be anti-fascist but instead became exactly what you were supposedly protesting against.  Where else in history have political opponents been silenced by violence? Hmm well how about Nazi Germany? Or Mussolini’s Italy? Or really every single fascist regime to ever exist.  The hypocrisy doesn’t end there however. You claim to be anti-establishment but what exactly is the establishment you are supposedly so against? Your professors are liberal, your parents are most likely liberal, your school is known for being one of the most liberal in the nation, your state is the one of the most liberal in the country, and for the last eight years we’ve had a democratic president. So what are you rebelling against? You say you don’t trust the government but then vote and support the candidate that wants to make the government bigger. But you leftists don’t understand that, you only understand emotion, and so you riot, pillage, vandalize and rear your ugly head in front of all the cameras, thinking that you’re advancing your liberal ideology when in fact you’re doing the exact opposite.  So I guess I’d just like to say thank you, thank you liberal protestors for showing America what the left is really all about, thank you for alienating more people from your cause and when you go and sit in your “safe space”, drinking overpriced coffee, crying and wondering why Donald Trump is president, well the answer is right in the mirror.


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