Drawing comparisons between the Super Bowl and election night

          Tell me if this sounds familiar. Biggest event of the year, featuring a controversial figure, and that figure counted out by pundits and prediction models after being down heavily and given no chance to win but makes a miraculous comeback, much to the excitement of his fans and to the dismay of his opponents? If you said Donald Trump winning the 2016 election you are correct. If you said Tom Brady and the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl you are also correct. There was a strange sense of deja vu in the air as the Patriots, led by well known Trump supporters and confidantes QB Tom Brady,  HC  Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft, began their improbable comeback that would lead them to their 5th Super Bowl.

After being down 21-3 at halftime, the Patriots were given only a 7.3% chance of victory, slightly less than the chances of winning given to Donald Trump by prediction models before the start of election night. Even more parallels can be found in the stats. After another Atlanta touchdown to go up 28-3 in the early third quarter New England’s chances lowered to an abysmal .3% which is the exact same chances of winning given to Trump to win Pennsylvania at 1:10 am. But as we all know winners win and thats exactly what happened in both cases. The Patriots answered the atlanta touchdown with a score of their own, akin to Trumps win in Ohio, a must have that keeps them in the game, but only just. Then the patriots score twice and you can feel the tide of the contest beginning to turn to the Patriots favor just like trumps win in Florida and North Carolina did on election night. Then yet another Patriot score ties the game up and very reminiscent of when Trump was announced the winner of Pennsylvania you felt the tide change for good. With the patriots having all the momentum we all knew it was just a matter of time until they ended it and they did on with a touchdown on the first possession of overtime just like Trump was put over the magic 270 number with a win in Wisconsin.

      Twitter abounded with comparisons and conspiracies between the two comebacks and pundits who had mocked the patriots and counted them out, just like on election night were left licking their wounds once again. While yes there are  many Falcon fans who are Trump supporters, it’s tough to leave out the irony that CNN headquarters are located in Atlanta.  It’s only a matter of time before people begin marching in the street saying the that New England is in fact #notmysuperbowlchampion. When will they ever learn that true patriots just never stop fighting.


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