Country Stars Battle it out in the Ring?

Lately a lot has been made about the Soulja boy vs Chris Brown feud that’s been taking place. So much so in fact that there are rumors about a Floyd Mayweather sponsored boxing match between the two in Las Vegas, or Dubai depending on whom you ask, in March. While this is surely to be a spectacle enjoyed by all, it got me thinking, why isn’t country music jumping in on this? Want to settle the traditional vs bro country beef? Fight it out in the ring, your ex husband is marrying another woman and your pissed about it, ahem Blake and Miranda, fight it out in the ring, or maybe your just drunk off some whiskey and want to throw some punches… well you get the idea. So without further ado I present to you the top 3 country music fights we’d want to see.



A couple of megastars highlight our first match, ZBB made headlines in 2013 when he called Luke Bryans single “That’s my kind of night” the worst song he’s ever heard. Coming to the defense of Bryan was fellow Georgia native and country star Jason Aldean. Now they can settle the issue once and for all in a tag team match that is surely to make every country fan tune in nation wide.

Our pic to win: ZBB -based on numbers alone there’s no way Jason and Luke can handles these men in a fight



Natalie Maines of The Dixie chicks made waves when they called Toby Keith’s flag waving song “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” ignorant and making country music sound ignorant. Now whether you agree or disagree with Natalie’s insanely idiotic comments is now mute because they’re gonna fight it out in the ring.

Our pic to win- Toby Keith by a landslide- although outnumbered I just don’t see Toby Keith losing this matchup. A former DE at Oklahoma and in a semi-pro league Keith is simply to big and too much of a match for the Dixie Chicks.



Yes there is no ill will between these two opponents, but you’re lying if you wouldn’t be excited to see these two mega stars go at it. Arguably the two most attractive women and definitely the two most popular women in country music, Miranda vs Carrie would be sure to draw millions of viewers to see who would be crowned the next queen of country music.

Our pic to win: Miranda- Yes Carrie has those legs but I think Miranda’s scrappiness gets her the W here. Plus I wouldn’t be half surprised if she whipped out a shotgun half way through the fight.

You have another fight in mind or disagree with our winners? Let us know in the comments and share!!!!


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